My Services


It's Your Manuscript

I follow the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, but if you have any specific preferences for style, let me know. It's your manuscript, and you always have the final say. In addition, I copyedit with the "track changes" feature in Microsoft Word so that you can see every change I suggest and make all final decisions.


Copyediting is typically performed after you have revised your manuscript and worked through big-picture items like theme, plot structure, character development, voice, and pacing. I offer two levels of copyediting for fiction depending on your needs or preferences.


Light copyediting

I will correct errors in spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation; ensure consistency of style throughout your manuscript; query plot holes and story inconsistencies; and create an individual style sheet for your project to document style choices and story specifics, such as characters, settings, and timelines. This style sheet will be yours to keep and share with other professionals (agents, publishers, proofreaders, or designers) who may work with you on your project.


Heavy Copyediting or line editing

If you're looking for a little more help to make your manuscript shine, I will provide all the services of a light copyedit as well as offer suggestions to improve word flow, trim sentences, reduce redundancies, and ensure clarity. We will work collaboratively until your manuscript is the best it can be. 


This is the final step before publication. Even with a thorough copyedit, there's always a chance that little errors have slipped through the cracks. A copyeditor who has run through your manuscript several times may miss a small detail or two because they are focused on fixing larger issues. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is needed to scour through your book before publication.


My Rates

Editing rates vary from manuscript to manuscript depending on the level of editing needed and the complexity of the manuscript. My rates fall between $0.01 per word for proofreading to $0.04 per word for a heavy copyedit. Please contact me for an estimate. We will discuss your needs, and I will provide a free sample edit.